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Administrative Issues for the Ped-Lung mailing list

Many messages are "bounced" from the general mail out and to the list owner (me). These are the main reasons:

1) The message has been sent from an address that is not subscribed to the list – the list is "closed" allowing circulation of messages from registered members only. The list checks your identity by matching the email address in the "From:" header of the email message to the membership list, and if there is no match, the message is bounced to me – this reduces the number of spam messages sent to list members.

In order to ensure that your message gets through in a timely fashion, please send your message from the email address you used to subscribe to Ped-Lung.

2) The message is sent to the list-owner (me) by mistake.

Make sure the address in the "To:" header of the message is: ped-lung@lists.ped-lung.org

3) The message is too large. The list limits the size of the messages as this reduces the chance of viruses being sent out by the list. Including the original message sent to you (with attachments), or using HTML formatting in the message can result in large messages.

Do not include the email you are responding to in your message and send the email as TEXT not HTML.

4) Some words are filtered out of the Subject header to minimize the chance of spam or viruses circulating in the list.

Use an appropriate "Subject:" line.

Thank you